Do your web templates work on mobile devices?
Yes, Mioozik templates are 100% responsive and work great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

How do i renew my subscription?
Mioozik does not offer automatic renewal of subscriptions.
At the end date of your subscription period, we will send you an email inviting you to subscribe again if you wish.

Can I change plans during my subscription period?
Yes, you can upgrade anytime during your subscription period.

Do you offer any discounts for yearly payments?
By subscribing to the Mioozik newsletter, you can benefit from one-off promotions on Premium or Indie subscriptions.

What types of payments do you accept?
We accept payments via credit card and other payment methods offered by the Stripe platform.

I have a domain registered somewhere else. Can I use it on Mioozik?
Yes, we can set up existing domains.
Once you upgrade to a yearly paid subscription (Premium or Indie), we will guide you through the process.

Will I own the free domain name you register?
Yes, after 6 months of subscription you can move your domain anywhere you like.

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