James Terrell Reed B.K.A Terrell Reed was born and raised in the heart of south Memphis on Mississippi and Kerr street. Growing up in the south he saw a lot and observed at a young age. Eager to learn, Terrell always ventured off into the music scenery because of the zest thirst he had for music. Looking up to one of his older brother and a host of Memphis rapper's some of which from his own neighborhood and other in Memphis. James new he would one day venture off into his own music and create his own unique sound.James grew up listening to other inspiring artists such as Dirty Boys, Scarface,Master Plan and etc. James has had quite some time now to learn the music business inside and out especially following into the food steps of a very diverse but talented musically equipped family. These days James is very focused and energetic ready to take on whatever crosses his path. Such vibrant style, amazing swagger, invasive,and with a versatile sound. Unlike some other young underground artists James has the privilege to travel and work with some of Memphis top Legends. Even having this astonishing opportunity James has remained humble and has been continuously worked hard and compassionately to perfect his own craft. James is one get to know artist who surely is ready to give the people what they need a taste of getting "Buck" the Memphis way.


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