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Sadteen this side, I'm yo home town boy 22 year old doing music thing to rep my town , I love to make music and write songs but i live in rular area that's why I don't have proper exposure of hiphop and other stuff a artist need in his life,but still doing my best to reach my goals that's why I work hard on my skill and I try to do something new everytime. I recently drop my ep "Bhaltich Trip ", before that i drop couple of singles and rap covers
When I was a kid I used to listen to Korean pop music , rock and some sufi music and some Bollywood things , when I enter in my 15s my cousin introduced me to hiphop and rap song at first it was fun to listen those songs but with time i start to understand the meaning and try to copy the flow and all do the copy thing to impress my friends with time i start understanding what is hiphop and how this culture changing the word and i start thinking harder about this things when I was 17-18 years old I worte my first song sukoon and i try to record it on phone and shoot it I also upload that thing on YouTube I was happy that i did something like that because in my place n one was doing that thing and still I'm the only one who is repping our town so i just start thing more and more and with time i improve my skills and my vocabulary and my taste in music, in my songs I basically talk about my childhood suffering and how that thing affect my life, also I propose my morals and my point of view in my songs you can say I do lyrical rap some time, but still I to to call my music a new school type music , with this thing I also want to add that because I listen to different generas i also have some influence of other generas in my songs
In 2020 I upload song Name "Katol ka Scene "
In that song I rep my town and that song get the highest view it's 25k views something like that never happen in my town and people like it alot and people start addressing me as an artis that's my achievement I think after that i upload couple of song you can check my YouTube channel for more, and now day m working on my new song called M feelin good

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