I was born In Columbia, MO but raised in St.Louis, Missouri. I'm 29 years old and I'm the oldest of the three my momma had. I had a lot of obstacles growing up my momma raised 3 men by herself and constantly stayed grinding and working everyday and night she did it all to make sure we were always straight but it was hard for me to see my momma struggle and always in pain both mentally and physically but she always kept a roof over our head clothes on us and food on the table and always made sure she told us she loved us more and unconditionally loved us even when we messed up and she always told us to be thankful about what we have not the material things but to be thankful for each other and always keep each other close cause we are FAMILY and I live by that today still. I told her one day that I would give her and our family a better life and she wouldn't never have to struggle or suffer again and I meant that. I had no father so the streets was my role model and I got caught up in the distractions and karma showed me that all money ain't good money and that there is a better way to take care of my family and when I was gone I started writing working and practicing my songs and beat boxing wherever there was a table like I used to do in school and it was during that time where I found out I wanted to do something with my music. Even growing up in a church family and all my family sings plays some type of instruments It was meant to be. I was always around music as I got older I have kids and a beautiful wife and I put my music on hold for a moment to take care of our family but now I'm ready to make it happen and they're my motivation to keep grinding and working hard for my family and my kids. I'm not doing my music as no hobby I am seriously pursuing it to make a way for mines so know that every word i write and rap is me and I know a lot of the world can relate to my music that's why I speak truth and knowledge in my music, all my songs, videos, and upcoming albums and mixtapes and I'm history in the making. I'm from the Midwest and my music is my way of letting my fans know me and where I came from and where I'm going to make it happen for me and mines. I know I grind for a reason not for the fame or a name I do this for my momma my wife, my kids, and my brothers to make sure that they're good for the rest of their lives and I'm that serious. I want to thank all my supporters and my fans for believing in me even the haters y'all don't move me just more motivation to grind harder now Welcome To A REAL1....ality✔....
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