Man in Motion

B.T.L "Bigger Than Life" is a quote i use to motivate myself. Who/ what is "Man in Motion"? An example would be someone who can direct or command someone with a head nod or hand movement. Or better yet someone who can propose for discussion and or resolution at a meeting/ legislative assembly. To simply put it some one who gets it going in any sense. Get a look on how i became the "Man in Motion" through my music and various content.




My project "Man in Motion" is more so a lifestyle than a project its "Bigger Than Life" actually this go way beyond me i have a baby girl i have to love and take care for a family too. There are millions of homeless roaming hungry around the world i cant feed them all but i can make a start. I've been in that situation before with no where to live no food to eat it's pressure and if you're not built you bound to fold. This is why i became Man in Motion to provide not just for my family but my community as Well go take a look.

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