Dancehall newcomer Negen is one to watch as he has affirmed himself to be one of the
frontrunners among the next generation of the genre’s artistes. He is confident that is talent and
work ethic will make him a mainstay in the competitive industry.

His material is easily digestible, relatable and unique and is filled with youthful melodies and futuristic sounds.

His stage name derived from two phrases which shows his artistic creativity, Next generation and New generation. The word Negen has an acronym nature to it. Ne for (New/Next) Gen for (Generation).

Born Zachariah Alexander Flynn on January 12, 2002, the Spanish Town native attended Iona and Oracabesa High schools. He initially wanted to become a soldier or an athlete running on tracks but quickly realized that his future was laying bars on musical tracks instead.

Music embedded in every creative bone in his body and in his DNA. He credits his genesis in music to dancehall artiste Alkaline whose music he admitted had a huge influence on him while he was in ninth grade in high school. His first recording was at Top Floor Records which although wasn't a professional studio wet his appetite for recording and set the stage for what was to come.
Since then, he has been pursuing music professionally for the past four to five years and signed his first professional contract between 2019 and 2020 through a collaborative effort with record labels Love Star Music and Paypazchasaz Music which led to him recording his first professional single Gyallis at Big Laugh studio in area 2 in Saint Mary.

He also writes his own songs as when he closes his eyes it's like a whole different universe opens up sparking his creativity which is also therapeutic.

When he is not recording music, Negen whose music is melodic, unique, controversial and catchy, enjoys reading, singing and watching movies and enjoys eating ackee and cereal.

Inevitably, Negen is at his happiest when he is inside the booth and describes himself as curious, willing to learn new things and creative as he is a creative thinker, and he is always making art whether lyrical or physical. He is also unpredictable which manifests in his music.

A man of talent he can also sew and draw.
His biggest fear is not becoming courageous enough to face his own fears. Despite the heavy workload an artiste at the top of his game, Negen promises to maintain a healthy life, healthy family, peace of mind and wealth.

He has worked with producers Jay Sosa, Imotive, Biyah, Tremaine and Timaz, Steeno and would love the opportunity to work with Masicka, Tommylee, Chronic Law and Pablo YG. He is by no means complacent as he is inspired by his future self as he always strive to be better.

He wants to be a positive role model for the younger generation and wants to be a GOAT in the music industry for his talent and wants to excel in producing

Written by : Turnkey Event Logistics

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