Taking South African Hip hop to the next level with Jula

Jula Da Buddha is bringing the good old days back when South African Hip hop was making waves in our radio stations and TV screens. He keeps you glued to a song with his flows, tremendous story telling and catchy music hooks that leave you dangling in the strings like fresh fish caught on bate. I kid you not, his album (P.U.P) which was released in 2021 was a beautiful depiction of the modern day struggles of South Africans. The album was a great body of work but what's nex




Jula is from the outskirts of Ladysmith KZN in a location called Uitval. Hip Hop has always been like a parent to him.

Certain bars or metaphors can really shape a kids perspective on life. Such as "prepared for the worst but still praying the best" by Lil Wayne. "If you can't find something to live for you best find something to die for" by 2Pac. ""When I curse fate, it's not me but it's the earth in me" by Zola 7. Such poetry lives long in the memory of people and Jula has been brought up by this rap music that tells a story of every day life through the eyes of life.

This is the inspiration that fuelled Jula's hunger to pick up the mic and rap. It's about the healing power of music that can change a fans life in just 4 minutes.

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