Born to parents Edna Mignott and Robert Allen Snr on the 13th June 1996 at St Ann,s Bay Hospital Helevait aka The All Nations Man began his journey.

Going by his birth name of Robert Ashawn Allen Jnr Helevait began his education at Orocabessa Primary School where he excelled to become Cricket Champion being adorned with endless medals and accollades whilst being loved by his fellow peers and classmates which gave him the position of Head Boy
Such was the amazing athleticsl start to the young Helevait,s career that much was expected of his talents from a very early age

His secondary education at Orocabessa High was just more of the same , his athletic prowess knew no limits and inevitably led to him being crowned Athletic Champion at the school across all of sports endeavours from the !00 meter sprint , 200 meters , 400 , 800 , all the way up to the high endurance sports events like the 1500 meters and the cross-country diciplines

Helevait enjoyed life to the fullest during his early status as the most favoured boy throughout his school journey and was quite happy with the way his life was going when tragedy struck but not in the way you might think
Life was going in the right direction until .................................

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