HARDIO – Biography Leon Smith, also known as HARDIO is a refreshing artist coming from the inner city of Kingston, Jamaica. His name was given to him by his friends when he was only 10 years old because of the original sound tone that his voice carry. As a youngster in the early 90’ in Kingston he used to spend his vibrant musical lifestyle around his neighbor Spragga Benz. HARDIO grew-up into music from his childhood days, performing at every school fair and class room gathering, and always focused on creating great content with nice melody. HARDIO was a determined youth, eager to write and record, so by the age of 16 he already established ‘Pressure Dem Records’ Studio along with cousin Dree. There he continued his musical journey and was the main recording artist doing mostly Dancehall music. After the loss of his younger sister in 2014, HARDIO decided to use his music energy to assemble higher and more positive uplifting music. It was important for him to carry out his message through his music, and to sing for his sister Kenya Smith who leave behind her a son, that will forever remind HARDIO to be faithful for his sister wish – to become an inspiring positive artist. Grateful for every day in life, HARDIO is blessed with the gift of melody and writing his own lyrics, he desires to spread positive messages through his music to encourage people to work hard to accomplish their dreams and goals in life. Currently HARDIO is in the making of his first EP, produced by HolYard Productions, and to be released on March 2019. The EP featuring great musical collaboration and worldwide riddims, and you can certainly expect a lot more of exciting projects from him as a upcoming artist. HARDIO has been voicing for different producers like Iffacush, Addis Records and Sky Voice Records that manages him. BOOKINGS Management Contact - Natalie Lawrence (

Watsapp+1876 239 3174

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