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Gregory Ronaldo Raymond also is known by the stage name Gee Rhay, who hails in Allman Hill St. Catherine, is a Recording and Performing Reggae Artist, Songwriter and co-owner of a music label known as Rolxan Music.
Born on December 28th, 1972, at Kington Jubilee Hospital. Gee Rhay grew up in Smith Village, Allman Hill District St. Catherine with grandparents, uncles, aunts and other family members. Gee Rhay grew up in the church, a church called Sarberry Plain Gospel Hall. He attended Allman Hill Basic School from 1976 – 1980, Allman Hill Primary and Junior High from 1980 – 1989.
Gee Rhay’s passion for music was developed at the tender age of 13 when doing sing-jays/deejays freestyles, while competing with friends. As the year’s proceeded, Gee Rhay started listening to the radio and was inspired by artists such as Bob Marley, Denis Brown, King Yellow Man, Josey Wale just to name a few.
After leaving Junior High, Gee Rhay has been around in the music industry doing Musical Dubs for sounds, performing at small stage shows, dancehall sound clashes, concerts until He did his first professional recording in 1999, a song title “Hype Up”, on the “Crypt Riddim”, produce by Richard Bruce Miller on the Hard Bark Music Label. July 11, of the same year, Gee Rhay appeared in the entertainment section of The Sunday Gleaner, going by the name “Joe Flex”, at that time. With opportunities like these he learns to grow and to develop himself professionally.
On April 21, 2004 Gee Rhay did a single on the Hard Bark Music Label produce by Richard Bruce Miller a song title, “Jah Road”. The song was featured on an Album called “Higher Vibes”, along with various artists such as; Kafinal, Glenex, Daddy Ex etc.
Gee Rhay performed at Celebrity Place Showcase in Molynes Kingston, alongside Luciano and Eddie Fitzroy etc... This appeared in the entertainment section of The Daily Observer on March 30, 2007. He performed at the Weekenz Night Club, 80 Constant Spring Road on December 8, 2007, along with; Andrew Tosh, Little John, Natalie etc… He also performed at a stage show at The Corner Shop Lawn, Above Rocks St. Catherine on March 22, 2008. At that time Gee Rhay was going by the alias/stage name “Realist”. He did a show stopping performance at the Bob Marley 64th Annual Reggae Festival February 4-6 2009 in Vin Lawrence Park Trench Town Kingston, alongside Luciano, The Marley’s, Tarrus Riley, Bunny Wailer, Coco Tea and others. Gee Rhay performed at the Open Stage Show & Teshi Riddim Launch, Friday August 30, 2013 with artist such as; Mr. Ice, Presenta, Ras I-Maric, Changa Changa etc. The At Corner Shop Lawn, Above Rocks St. Catherine. At the time Gee Rhay was going by the alias/stage name Jenuyn.
On October 16, 2018 Gee Rhay did another single on the Hard Bark Label produce by Richard Bruce Miller a song titled “Book of Life”. This track was recorded at Anchor Studios, and mix and master at Big Yard Studio. Continuing his musical journey he went to Caveman Studios and voice the song titled, “Show Dem a Sign”, on April 19, 2019.
Gee Rhay then partner up with Sheldon Waller and create the Music Label, Rolxan Music on December 21, 2020. Then shortly after voice the song titled, “Jah Praise”, at Caveman Studios on March 22, 2021, produce by Sheldon Waller and Gee Rhay himself on the Rolxan Music Label. On July 19, 2021 He recorded a song at Caveman Studios titled, “Mama Cry”, produce by Sheldon James on the Triple Bro Records Music Label which was release October the same year. Continuing with the drive for music Gee Rhay recorded the song titled, “Reveal”, at Caveman Studios on July 25, 2021 on the Rolxan Music Label produce himself and Sheldon Waller.
Gee Rhay did an interview and performance on the Kisha Las Vegas Show hosted by Kisha Las Vegas at The Box Exquisite Sports Bar & Lounge, Port Henderson Plaza, Portmore St. Catherine on December 29, 2021.
Gee Rhay did his first professional Music Video for the track titled, “Mama Cry”, on January 07, 2022.
Gee Rhay did an Interview with Lady Rose on Success Radio with a program call Secrets on January 12, 2022. He also made an outstanding performance at Dint Hill Technical High School Jamaica Day Concert on February 25, 2022, with artists such as, Lutan Fyah, Sativa Black 1, and Jigsy King Etc. He was also featured on Reggae Night Live on the Talku Talku Show hosted by Miss World Comedian on March 01, 2022.
Gee Rhay has, and still building a very strong fan base all over the world especially on all the social media platforms. He will not give up on all the hard work, to make this dream a reality, creating positive music for the world to enjoy. With all this said, Gee Rhay shows his appreciation to Jamaica, for this wonderful opportunity to start something great, and also to show gratitude to Richard Miller and Sheldon James for the support and guidance.
Gee Rhay’s Motto is “From there is life there is hope”.

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