Denzel Davis is a prolific hiphop artist from the heart and soul of San Bernardino ca he was raise in the struggle and overcame many obstacles in life from being sick with a bone disease to beating tumor cancer twice his music speaks on how he grow up in the struggle but also addresses real issues in today society that help influence and inspire ppl rather it is the older crowd or the younger generation in todays struggle millions can relate to him on a personal level and be inspire to chase after their dreams he emerged on the music scene in 2008 when he left San Bernardino to move to Phoenix Arizona where he dominated the game with his live performances he got his big break in year 2016 when he drop a mixtape call February that took the Arizona hiphop scene by surprise and established him as a real lyricist and an activist in the community he follow up with two more mixtapes freestyles and videos after that this artist show character humility resilient and can with stand any obstacles throw his way he shown he can adapted but most importantly be versatile and crave out his own lane one out of the two mixtapes he drop that made a stamped in the game was called muggsy bogues that solidified him and display his creativity as an artist in 2017 and the second one call Apollo that really show off his amazing writing skills and relativity in today’s society in 2018 now he working on upcoming projects one to be exact called muggsy bogues 2 looking to drop 2019-2020

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