New Single RODEO by BIG CROW It's definitely gonna make you saddle up buckle up Now enjoy the ride!!

New up coming fresh hot single by big CROW releasing this Saturday 11/7/2020 RODEO is fresh, with Some dance hall elements. Also watch out for the trailer for RODEO the official music video which will be out this week, good vibes ,Good times stay tuned,stay creative the Trailer Looks Epic




Well where can I start I enjoy music for a start and creating it from out of Nowhere is a Unseen creation we've done 4 projects So far which are music video, as times gone on you can only get better at your craft
It has been great fun shooting working with some great individuals,and what makes it better is when you have friends that see your vision.
We produce our own music and films,
I or we have a great team a Small team which performs,and undertakes there designated Roll.
We are here to Express our creativity,and art in this 3D Realm.
Check out my videos on Mioozik.
We have just completed our new project Called RODEO the Single is out Now on Google pay for PRE-ORDER and the official single will be released on 11/7/20
I'm excited as we have work really hard even though we have all gone through this Pandemic together.
The New single is High energy,and will get you moving for if it ain't tapping your feet you have to Nod your head either way I know Positive vibes equals good times that's the factor we are bringing to forefront.
We have some great individuals that are great ,and Unseen talent that needs to thrown out into the universe to expand,anyway hope check the new single RODEO on all platforms
Please feel free to check me on Instagram
Diamond Lee aka BIG CROW
Many blessings,and enjoy the music stay bless🌍🙏🏿

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