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You are an artist ? Find professional and successful managers to boost your project : Find coaching, mentoring, opening acts, featurings, management contracts and build your music business network now. You are a songwriter, a beatmaker ? Directly pitch your material to famous artists through their managers.



So they say...

"...talking to a manager is like whispering in the artist's ear!"

"... By providing this professional publisher's directory, you guys are opening the music business back doors, bringing transparency and really helping. Thanks for that ! Pitch Music Center is clearly leading the path to a change for indie artists and songwriters ..." - Harry B. Nashville.

"At some point, I found myself spending way more time marketing my music than I was songwriting and performing. I knew something was not right; I had to work smarter. This artist manager's directory is unique... This is the kind of tool that can really change the name of the game for beatmakers, because using it means standing in the middle of the game..." - Enrico D., Italy

"As an artist entrepreneur, there is so much to do, so many reasons to get lost in multiple tasks... that directory is my secret weapon..." - Ruben L., Germany

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